Certified Public Accountant Financial Advisor

İsmail Ok was born in Çanakkale. Graduated from Anadolu University, department of Public Finance.He also completed a master's degree in Financial Economics in the Izmir University of Economics. In his master thesis, the Turkish Private Sector Foreign Currency Debt Situation was inspected and he has worked on the issue of currency risk as well. In the process of graduate education, completed Certified Public Accountant trainee period he has carried out studies on the Turkish Tax System at the same time.Return of the Military Obiligation he worked for multinational companies such as Carmeuse SA and Rapunzel Gmbh for a while as a foreign financial reporter and Cost Controller.

He prepared projects in order to get government grant, incentive for Zafer Development Agency and Ministry of Agriculture.

He is still running own certified public accountancy office and consulting foreigners and local firms also organizations. He knows English in fluent.

Areas of Expertise:
Corporate Financial Consulting
Development Agency Grant Projects
Social Security and Labour Law Regulations
Kosgeb Incentives
Costing Projects
Amendment of Corporation Charter
Establistment of Corporation & Combination of two or more organizations & Reorganization of Corporation & Liquidation Operations for firms